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Mold removal & remediation / abatement

Our Mold Remediation Team is fully trained and headed by licensed experts to ensure work is completely documented and conducted in accordance with federal, state and local regulation. We also offer rebuild services to repair any structural damage that may have occurred due to mold damage. Promore has in hand mold removal company license from New York.

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I thinking I have mold in my house/business, what should i do ? 

It’s often difficult to know for sure if you have any mold or not. That’s why it’s best to order a mold professionals technicians ( Promore has in hand technicians for mold removal/remediation/abatement) . Here are a few signs that you might have mold in your home or business: 

  • Rotten Smell

  • Spots, Odors and Stains on Carpets

  • Moisture problem in a Water Heater Closet

  • Leaky Hot Water Tank

  • Musty Smell From Standalone Air Conditioning Unit

  • Tarnished Tiles

  • Mildew or Fungus in Furniture

  • Warped Walls

  • If You’ve Had Previous Water Damage

  • Allergy or Asthma Flare-Ups

  • Persistent Cough or Cold


If I order company like Promore how its gonna be looks ? And how long will I wait for coming ?

Promore technicians come to your house in 24 hour after received information about customer. Technicians will check your house or business by special equipment which helping to find mold and source, this inspection is ALWAYS FREE. Our technicians prepare detailed and thorough documentation for your property house/business  and also insurance companies.


Technicians, experience , skills, trusted company.

Our warehouses hold pieces of equipment and allows us to immediately dispatch air filtration and drying equipment to any size loss like water damage, fire damage, mold removal, air duct cleaning, commercial cleaning services,   dehumidifiers, air movers, odorox generator, water extraction vacuum, ultra low volume fogger, air scrubbers, micro-traps,  and many many other equipment depending on the work performed . Always we come with professional licensed and experienced team.

Let's Work Together

Promore is ready for  your call ! We are 24/7 emergency services to any disaster like water damage / flood cleanup / fire damage / mold removal / clean-up . 

(347)493-9006 , (347)884-4512

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