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When fire/smoke occurs -  immediate action is needed. We stand ready, 24/7, to mobilize our team to mitigate damages. We have professional and experienced technicians to assist you 24/7/365 to any size loss !

P : I had fire in my house/business , I need company which can restore my house/business to previously as soon as possible.

A: Promore will be there in 1 hour !

When a fire occurs, unfortunately the damage can be severe. The soot and smoke from a fire damages wall or floor finishes, air quality and often equally as damaging is the water used to put out the fire. Immediately action is needed. Our cleaning technicians understand the proper cleaning techniques and materials required to remove soot and smoke from a building, special equipment, experience in this industry allow us , be leader in this industry in town, we are ready 24/7 to assist you.


How much is cost to restore my building after fire ? 

In case of fire, mostly owners of buildings have insurance policy. We are working directly with your insurance, you dont need to worry about cost of it, because your insurance will cover every bill what we sent. Our technicians will prepare detailed and thorough documentation for property owners and insurance companies.


Werehouse, emergency service

Our warehouses hold pieces of equipment and allows us to immediately dispatch air filtration and drying equipment to any size loss like water damage, fire damage, mold removal, air duct cleaning, commercial cleaning services,   dehumidifiers, air movers, odorox generator, water extraction vacuum, ultra low volume fogger, air scrubbers, micro-traps,  and many many other equipment depending on the work performed . Always we come with professional licensed and experienced team.


Technicians, Workers, Team, Skills & Experience, trusted Company

In this company every employee have some mission to do it, that why we always care of your disaster in 100% , We get your job from start to finish. Over 10 years experience in this industry our Promore Team knows how to minimalize damages due to fire/smoke and restore to previously ! You are in best hand in this city! House, business, basement, crawl space, attic room, any size of loss, any type of work, we are open and ready to assist you 24/7/365 

Let's Work Together

Promore is ready for  your call ! We are 24/7 emergency services to any disaster like water damage / flood cleanup / fire damage / mold removal / clean-up . 

(347)493-9006 , (347)884-4512

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