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Fire damage cleanup and restoration

When fire/smoke damage occurs -  immediate action is needed. We stand ready, 24/7, to mobilize our team to mitigate damages. We have professional and experienced technicians to assist you 24/7/365 to any size loss ! Check more step by step , how our company take care of fire/smoke damage cleanup.

Our specialist will explain to you, all steps in fire/smoke damage, and will answer for all questions . 

Promore Restoration Services Inc offering re-construction after fire damage, from a to z . We are in hand specialist in construction for any size work .

Inspection is first ! 

We start by inspecting the place that has been affected by fire/smoke. Our technician categorizes site condition and potentially hazardous things .When a fire occurs, unfortunately the damage can be severe. The soot and smoke from a fire damages wall or floor finishes, air quality and often equally as damaging is the water used to put out the fire. Immediately action is needed. Our cleaning technicians understand the proper cleaning techniques and materials required to remove soot and smoke from a building, special equipment, experience in this industry allow us , be leader in this industry in town, we are ready 24/7 to assist you.

Insurance claim

Make sure that you opened claim in your insurance, your insurance will send Adjuster to visit the property, and prepare their estimate for your claim. In the same time our company will be around and we can also prepare your estimate to negotiate on your behalf vs. the insurance providers estimate if necessary.

Plan of mitigation and re-construction

1. Board-Up

- Fire can destroy windows, doors, or openings in your house or business. When this happens, it’s important to board-up any holes left in the building. This keeps your home or office safe from the elements, but it also ensures protection against potential looters and even critters.


2. Dry Out

- When you think of fire, your first thought probably isn’t, “Water damage.” However, fire can lead to serious water damage for numerous reasons, including: *Water getting into a home or business when firefighters are putting out the fire. *Fire damaging your pipes and other plumbing components. *Depending on the weather, rain and snow getting inside the house when a fire is happening, or after a fire has caused its devastation. Our company will bring in specialized equipment to help dry out water residue and humidity to prevent further damage to your home or business.


3.Deodorization and Emergency Pre-Cleaning

- The acidic and corrosive traits of the soot can cause secondary damage to your property surfaces. Pre-cleaning of your home or business and your belongings needs to happen immediately. What has been hit by fire or water and has a damaged structure, e.g., drywall, floor, ceiling, carpet, padding, vinyl, hardwood, laminate floor and others – may have to be removed and disposed of. Others surfaces which structure still has good condition, can be dry out by special drying equipment. We only use safe and specialized deodorizing techniques that reach into small areas to neutralize odors caused by fire and soot residue.


4. Contents Pack-Outs

- The structure of your home or business isn’t the only thing that gets destroyed by a fire. Any belongings in your house can and will be damaged as well. All things in home or business which is damaged due to fire need to be removed and disposed of, if we can save some things, we always do it. All personal things which are with good condition, we pack in special container, we offering also storage in our warehouse , where your items will be remediated and cleaned.


5. Final Cleaning, prepare area to restore

- After all mitigation due fire damages, is time to final cleanup, prepare area to make restore house or business due fire damages. Preparing all necessary documents to your insurance, once we get green light for re-construction , our company will come to your house in 2 hours to start re-construction.

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